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english/german Company language courses

Interesting and affordable company language teaching for employees

Possessing excellent communication skills, being able to negotiate successfully in foreign languages and conducting international relations are indispensable amongst employees when times are tight. The good news is, offering useful and interesting company language courses doesn’t always have to be expensive…


A recent poll suggests that a third of Hungarian workers have felt undervalued by their employer during the recession. The stagnant employment market has given relatively few employees options to promote their career, but as the situation of the job market is getting better things are likely to change in this regard, especially if you possess the appropriate language skills.

Speaking English and German is vital today on the job market, particularly if you are a senior employee or an executive.  All employees stand to benefit from more effective communication skills, and more and more people are required to draft emails and faxes, to deliver presentations and to hold meetings in English/German on a daily basis.

If you do not have solid language skills, do not despair. There are a wide variety of resources available that can help someone to sharpen his/her English and Geman skills and to expand business abilities (phoning, emailing, persuading customers) by learning to speak a second language fluently. A good example of this is some on-site, tailor-made company language tuition organized by S&H language studio – particularly if the company is involved in international business, and has multi-national teams within it.

If on-site company language courses are not an option, why not consider offering employees a monetary contribution for a language course at our school?

Our experience on English and German language teaching covers a variety of sectors such as:

·         Advertising & Marketing

·         Banking & Finance

·         Economy

·         Communication Technology

·         Legal services

·         Information Technology

·         HR services

·         Tourism, Hospitality … and many more


Our English and German language courses can be scheduled for individuals or small groups of professionals and take place at your office, at a location convenient to participants or at our language teaching facilities.

Content is customized to the job specific needs and professional goals of your employees. All programs are flexible and adapted to participant’s schedule. Courses are available from beginner level up to advanced, delivered by teachers working in language examination centers.


fees of on-site language courses

general in-company language courses (any level): 3500 HUF/ lesson

business in-company language courses (any level): 3800 HUF/lesson

registration and enrollment

Continuously throughout the year, based on prior appointments by phone. For further information please address yourself to Hedvig Siklos: 0620-955-5562 or sandhnyelvstudio@t-online.hu.